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268 weeks ago, by James
How good is your material?
How often do you check and update your material? Are you informed about the most recent developments in your field and does your training material reflect this? Have you run the stories and examples that you use through or checked them out properly (Nelson Mandela's inauguration speech anyone?)

Many trainers are good communicators and perform well on stage. Sometimes this can mean that they tend to 'fly by the seat of their pants' on occasions.

Is this fair or not?
268 weeks ago, by Jackie
The statement 'Words account for only 7% of communication' is also famously mis-used. I often have to point people towards Busting the Mehrabian Myth on YouTube
266 weeks ago, by Pj
You need to be able to 'fly by the seat of your pants' a lot when you're training or facilitation. Some might paraphrase that as to have the confidence and experience to deal with whatever comes up.

However, material is important. People spot mistakes, particularly spelling or grammar, and you lose credibility. Quotes and stats need to be referenced and, again, you lose credibility if all your material is sourced from the previous decade.
264 weeks ago, by Simon
We have a policy for our material and workload that goes like this...

Over an medium term average, our weeks will be:
half a day marketing
half a day administration
three days delivery
one day research.

That's fully 20% of our time, continually, spent on researching and updating material! It shows in the quality of our training, of course, but sometimes the old stuff is the best. For example, Cialdini's never been bettered.... :)
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