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271 weeks ago, by James
People forget training
According to The University of Waterloo in Canada people forget 50 - 80% of what they learn on a training course after one day and 97-98% after a month.

This seems high. Is it a result of poor trainers or just human nature? What can be done to increase retention rates?
271 weeks ago, by Jackie
I was taught that if people make their own notes they are more likely to remember - even if they never look at the notes again. It's because they have taken the time to actively edit the content which stores it in their brain more than just passively trying to absorb the content.
271 weeks ago, by James
I think you're right, Jackie, but how do you feel, as the trainer, if the audience is head down scribbling notes all through the session?
271 weeks ago, by John
I wonder how the stats compare for courses prescribed by an employer, against courses freely chosen by the attendee?
267 weeks ago, by Pj
Training, delivered well, should be 'absorbed' by the participants. They should be able to take the relevant information and make it a part of their knowledge base as a professional.

I find those figures high and wonder what sort of questions were asked to reach them. Participants may not be able to repeat verbatim but they should have taken knowledge on board.
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