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263 weeks ago, by James
What can you recommend on a budget?
People who have bought a car from a main dealer typically take it back to a main dealer for its servicing. It was an expensive car and they want it well looked after. They don't go to the reception desk and ask for the work to be done on a budget.

So why is 'What can you do on a budget?' one of the most common things you hear in the training industry? Is it because it's usually people buying services for someone else?
263 weeks ago, by John
I think it often comes down to tangibility...

Skills are 'soft', more nuanced and harder to see. Cars are big chunky hard things, easier to value.

I guess the trick with intangibles is to make the value offered more visible, more evidence based, more aligned with a customer's goals and their bottom line...
263 weeks ago, by Simon
I don't know so much that it's the hardware thing, so much as the fact that there are so many amateurs around. There's not much by way of entry costs into training (by comparison to other things).

That means that it can be done by part timers, who effectively aren't making a living wage but are doing enough to get 'pocket money'.

Effectively these people can undercut the professionals.... :(
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