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205 weeks ago, by James
'Bring Your Own Device' is becoming a buzzword in training. This may be an iPad or even a smartphone. mLearning is another current buzzword - mobile learning using your devices.

One the plus side people are intuitively connected to their own devices and they are potentially more likely to follow up on learning. The downsides include different platforms and unreliability; if people are told to BYOD and don't what is the effect?

Is mLearning viable?
202 weeks ago, by John
Generally I think it has to be a good thing for training, it's a trend that's probably best embraced than avoided. It's good because it is a 'bottom up' demand driven thing that suits employees, rather than a 'top down' imposed thing and therefore likely to drive higher engagement in the training. Eventually the platform issues will reduce...
200 weeks ago, by Pj
The downside is that the variables increase and with that so does the risk. For example, if a device has a lot of apps and photos on it then it will perform less well than a cleaner device. If performance is an issue then it's not a good idea. You can scale back costs in training in all sorts of ways but sometimes you just have to ask if it's worth doing it at all if cost is such an issue.
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