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206 weeks ago, by John
Training and Wearable Tech
Wearable tech can measure a whole host of biological functions - heart rate, brain waves etc.

There must be an opportunity to measure the real-time engagement achieved during a training session to provide instant feedback to the trainer, showing instantly who is listening and interested and who is on the verge of falling asleep.

Imagine the potential hours saved by putting a stop to employees wasting their time ineffective training.

Even better idea: introduce it to school classrooms...
206 weeks ago, by James
Great idea. Add an electric shock collar and you've got some real jeopardy going on.

One problem might be that the most effective learning state is an alpha state, on the verge of hypnotised where the student is almost asleep and the information is going straight in.
200 weeks ago, by John
Good point, although too often participants go beyond the alpha state into full sleep. Perhaps your electric shock collar could also be employed to jerk them back into awareness?
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