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240 weeks ago, by Pj
Victoria Beckham trains over Skype
This struck me as very interesting news. Beckham prefers to take her training from a specific 'celebrity trainer', Tracy Anderson. According to The Daily Star (it was in my news feed - I don't read it!) Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow also like to work out using Skype when they are away from their preferred trainer.

In these cases using Skype is preferable to working with an alternative trainer who can be there in person.

It's a glimpse of what will be normal in many fields in the future.
238 weeks ago, by Jackie
Microsoft will no longer let me log into my Skype account with my original username and password. Perhaps it's because they've realised I have an Office365 (cloud) account and are insisting I use that to log in. It's the death of Skype for me. I'd rather use Google Hangouts.
238 weeks ago, by James
I heard that in the US most people use Google Hangouts now and Skype is very 'last season'. Maybe Google will make something out of Google+ after all.
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