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246 weeks ago, by Pj
Management by putting out fires
Some managers can't resist solving problems. It's almost as if some sort of Bat-Signal goes up and in they dive.

A manager who steps in to deal with all of their team members' problems isn't helping anyone. People need to be able to deal with problems in order to grow; that's where experience comes from.

That doesn't mean that a manager needs to ignore potentially dangerous problems, just that they might ask 'What can you do about it?' before they say 'Leave it to me...'
245 weeks ago, by James
I've just read some research that says that people retain 5-10% of what they learn in a lecture and that increases to 75% if they have an opportunity to use learning in the week after training. This seems to link to this, if you want people to be experts that have to use what they know.
245 weeks ago, by Jackie
I had a conversation with a boss years ago who was proud of the department's fire-fighting ability. I asked why they didn't learn about fire-prevention instead. She looked at me as though I was mad.
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