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263 weeks ago, by Pj
2% of employees are 'actively disengaged'
One of the interesting statistics to come out of the annual CIPD survey is that, while 37% of employees are engaged with their work, 2% are actively disengaged.

These will be the ones who don't believe in the company or team mission, who cause problems and generally get in the way of change and progress. They are the most dangerous of all.

Is it possible to spot these people in a team? I would say that it is. Is it not in the best interests of everyone for them to find something else to do?
262 weeks ago, by Simon
God yes!

We are sometimes called in when productivity and/or morale has taken a tumble so the percentage of actively disengaged is often higher than 2% for us.

Sometimes we can turn them around and sometimes we can't. If we can't, the best solution is to let them (or help them) find something which they DO engage with. The less tangential it is to their original job the better but it's preferable to do something totally different positively than do the original thing negatively
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