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264 weeks ago, by Simon
How short do you want it?
I can't count the number of times someone has said "Let's have a short lunch so we can all go home sooner".

What's wrong with it?

1st it displays a totally inappropriate attitude to learning and training - something to be got through as quickly as possible to tick the box, with no real intent to learn anything!

2nd if you don't take a long enough lunch you can't concentrate in the afternoon, wasting your time.

It's NOT about how fast I can train you - it's about how fast you can learn!
264 weeks ago, by James
That's an interesting one and I've often seen it on events. I hadn't considered the angle of the attitude behind it.

It links to the CIPD stats that 37% of people are engaged in their work, 2% actively disengaged and the rest, presumably, would rather be at home.
264 weeks ago, by Simon
I'd like to think it's more than just 37% of attendees who are engaged in our courses! :)

It's a shocking figure, isn't it... if two thirds of the population aren't engaged with their work what the heck are they doing there? Why haven't they found something that they ARE engaged with?
264 weeks ago, by Jackie
I've had delegates apologise that they have to leave early to catch a train or pick up the kids. The trouble is that they miss my carefully prepared conclusion that ties up the training in a big neat bow.
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