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Does E-Learning offer a credible alternative in health & safety training?

By STEVE TERRY Published 4th Jul 2013
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Ensuring a high level of health and safety training is a core need of many businesses today in order for them to ensure that they fully comply with the ever growing regulations and best practice procedures.

An effective course is a necessity when you are looking at health and safety training and particular focus should be on how that course is going to be delivered to your employees. Until recently, most courses have been based at either a clients site or the classroom but with the continuing development of the internet and technological advances new options are emerging. The question is can they offer a comparable level of training?

E-learning delivery

Distance learning via e-learning can be argued to have both positive and negative impacts on an individual's training. The ease of the courses enable individuals to log on at times when it suits them best rather than having them out of the office for hours or days on end. Most courses will give access to an adviser should there be any clarification needed. However distance learning via this method does rely on an individuals’ ability to discipline themselves and concentrate fully on the course – it therefore needs to be carefully monitored at all times. Many of the courses achieve this by adding in management consoles and alerts so that supervisors can check exactly how their employees are progressing at any given time.

Classroom training

For many experts, classroom training is still the only viable option when it comes to health and safety training, with tuition coming from an expert in the field being hard to beat. Add to this the ability to engage in role plays, learn how to deal with various scenarios and that learning among other individuals can lead to informative debates, and it would seem the only viable option for high quality health and safety training.

These discussions can be a key factor in cementing information into an individuals mind whilst making sure that they fully understand the health and safety information being given to them. All of this is nigh on impossible to recreate in an e-learning format and arguably training courses delivered by the e-learning method will be all the poorer for it.

So, whilst some companies opt for one or other of the delivery methods a growing number are meeting somewhere in the middle and creating bespoke training schemes that use the best bits of both methods to deliver highly effective health and safety training courses.


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