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Building championship winning teams With organizational psychology & BPM

By GUEST BLOGGER Published 10th Jun 2016
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“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” ~Michael Jordan

When I played high school basketball my coach would begin every pre-game pep talk by quoting the famous words of current New York Knicks & NBA president Phil Jackson by saying “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” ‘Now let’s get out there and play as one team. “This quote, to me, has become more than just a pregame pep talk. I see it as one reason for success in more areas than the basketball arena.  Strong businesses have implemented company procedures within their hiring department that help insure the best possible candidates are selected to join their team with the anticipation of higher productivity, faster business growth and overall employee satisfaction.  Team work builds trust and trust builds growth.  No matter how much a business might try to increase productivity with the implementation of automated self-help phone systems, lifeless customer service questionnaires and online chatting, there’s no getting around the need for human interaction within the workplace.  So why don’t businesses apply more focus finding the right candidates to fit their team and less focus on phasing out the use of human beings as a source of productivity?  The answer is simple, it’s predictability.  Technology is more predictable then free spirited human beings because it is programmed to be predictable.  Being predictable is, for the most part, more cost effective than its counter.  What some might not realize is that humans are quite possibly just as predictable if the time is taken to observe what makes them operate or behave.

For centuries highly trained doctors and psychologist have studied “Organizational Psychology” (or “Business Psychology”) within the work place and have found that there is a science to the predictability of human behavior on a team and in the work place.  Industrial and organizational psychology is defined as a scientific study of human behavior in the workplace. Psychological theories and principles are applied in an organization or with an individual in the workplace.

Some companies will hire an Organizational Psychologist to work in conjunction with the human resource department. Together, they strive to increase motivation and job satisfaction, focusing on better occupational safety and well-being of their employees. The healthier the workplace is, the better the employees will perform. Having an organizational psychologist work directly within businesses is a very costly investment but a worthy one because it could increase business productivity and overall company satisfaction by up to 60%. What if we, as business owners, could simply implement an employee productivity & resource management system that combines both the predictability of customized programmed technology with the recorded data on predictable human behaviors as a way to hire, manage and develop a championship team of employees for their company?  The answer is simple, we can. 

My company uses JobTraQ software not only as a lean BPM tool but more specifically among every department as a performance management tool to give direct unbiased feedback to employee performance evaluations.  Showing employees direct metrics including how much time is spent on a given task by using the custom timer feature on JT can show if an employee is working efficiently.  Viewing these kinds of reported metrics can also be an easy ice breaker into managerial discussions that would allow the employee to openly request and receive further training where necessary and thereby become more efficient for themselves and the company.  Using JobTraQ as a performance management tool can also show each department the levels of resource utilization and insure that resources are being provided adequately and that employees are receiving enough time for training, are well equipped to complete their tasks effectively and ensure overall employee satisfaction among their peers.

Companies find that spending the initial time to discover and record the detailed requirements on the kind of individual characteristics needed for a new hire to work successfully among their current team is time well worth the initial investment.  Our forefathers taught us that “A stich in time saves 9” and that quote still holds true.  Spend the time to find the best mix of individuals to make up your business team and you will find a much greater ROI and begin to see your business not only prosper but positively prosper exponentially!

Tina Biacovski is a writer and blogger specializing on business productivity and team building issues. She is currently focused on Business Process Management techniques for helping people do more with less, such as JobTraQ.

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Published 10th Jun 2016
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