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Corporate Leadership

By EMMA COAKES Published 10th May 2016
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At the top of every corporation is a team comprising of executives and managers. These make up the extremely important role of corporate leadership for the company as a whole.

A company will back corporate leadership when it is evident that this is the best way to ensure the continued success of the business.

The employees who run this section of the company have the responsibility of not only overseeing all departments within the company, but liaising with these departments regularly. This can involve everything from recovering vital information about that particular department, to effectively communicating any new structures or changes the company may be implementing.

They will need to remain in control of the company’s resources and manage them effectively, to keep the business profitable, successful and most importantly keep it growing.

The people in these roles will have to keep an arm in the past and an arm in the present, continually learning from former mistakes whilst also keeping one step ahead of the game and three steps ahead of the competition at all times. 

It certainly takes someone special to become a corporate leader. Many people may consider someone in this position to be highly academic or think they may have a degree in business. Not the case. Know - how is not a brain and a half of in depth technical knowledge. Some people in positions of power have quite literally sparkled their way to the top having been head hunted based on results alone. Charisma can make the difference between a stale, dead end sales pitch and an incredible sales pitch that pays off big time. In big time corporations big pay offs mean you get noticed and those able to take measured risks that pay off will ultimately make an impact and be rewarded for that. 

The very word corporate means - collective, amalgamated, combined. This means that in a position of power within a corporation you must be willing to have contrasting outlooks. So on the one hand you become the values and visions of the company, you swallow them whole, understand them, appreciate them, live them. And on the other hand you must never, ever become comfortable with those very values. You must also be able to question those values, compare those values and reflect on them.

Being a corporate leader means accepting that a decision you make or you are part of may completely change the course of a corporations path forward - decisions so huge they can make or break the business itself. While also accepting that without bravery and without embracing necessary change that the corporation you are leading may fail; when to use your fight or flight responses. 

Excellent corporate leadership is having a finger on the company pulse. Keeping central and grounded, deep within the roots of the company, being aware of the corporation in its separate parts and as a whole entity. 

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