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What you need to know about the Managing Safely Course

By GUEST BLOGGER Published 5th May 2016
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Taking part in health and safety is essential if you want to run a team in the safest, most efficient way possible.

When it comes to safety in the workplace, it's essential that we all get the right kind of training. If you're a manager, it's even more important. After all, with a higher position comes greater amounts of responsibility. Every manager should have an in-depth understanding of those responsibilities, especially when it comes to health and safety. So how can you make sure that you're fully equipped with the knowledge you need to lead your team safely and efficiently? Well, a good place to start is attending an IOSH Managing Safely course.

What is IOSH training?

First of all, what is IOSH? You're certainly not the only one asking this. It's searched over 90,000 times each month on Google. It stands for Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, and it's through IOSH that you can learn more about health and safety training. Their flagship program is the IOSH Managing Safely course. It's been designed for managers and supervisors in any sector, and it's very highly regarded. So what can you expect from the course?

What to expect

If you take part in the course, you'll be given an insight into health and safety practices. You'll have access to the latest resources and current legislation while you learn. The course covers a few key elements. These include assessing risks, controlling risks, understanding your responsibilities, identifying hazards, investigating accidents and incidents, measuring performance and protecting the environment. It sounds like a lot to take in – but the course is delivered in a way that won't make you feel too overwhelmed.

How you'll be assessed

So how is the course delivered? Well, it's taught in modules, each with a wealth of case studies and examples to back up the information. Summaries then reinforce the key points to remember. Once you've covered everything, you'll sit a 25 question exam, as well as take part in a risk assessment based project. After you've passed, you can also take some check-lists and other educational materials back to your workplace to use.

Additional resources

If you want to look in further detail at something, then head over to the IOSH website. Here you'll find plenty of additional literature covering different sectors, circumstances and regulations. There's not a question that can't be answered by the extensive reading material that you have on offer, and you'll find plenty on topics such as working abroad and promoting health and well-being at work. It's worth reading through what's on offer alongside taking part in an IOSH course, so that you're as informed as possible.

Finding a course

If you're keen to get started, take a look at the courses that are due to take place in the heart of London, such as the Managing Safely Course which has a training centre close to City Airport in the city's Docklands area, which also boasts great transport links to the rest of the capital. With complimentary WiFi and food available throughout the day. It's a really pleasant place to learn and easily accessible most locations throughout London and the South East.

Become a better leader

Health and safety in the at work isn't just important, it's vital. Once you've been properly educated about identifying, dealing with and preventing incidents in the workplace, you'll be leading your team with much more confidence. So what are you waiting for? Book a space on an IOSH course today.

Sam Barton is the marketing assistant at the Managing Safely Course, which provides IOSH courses to businesses all over the South East of England.

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Published 5th May 2016
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