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Increasing your employability

By GUEST BLOGGER Published 21st Mar 2016
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Get The Job That You Want By Increasing Your Employability

Employers know that certain traits are essential in a good worker. Gaining these skills isn’t rocket science, but you will need to apply yourself to succeed.

With the population growing all the time, giving yourself the best chance to secure gainful employment has never been more important than it is right now. Regardless of the industry or sector that you wish to enter, having the right safety skills, knowledge and training behind you will ensure that you are ahead of the competition in the race to land that all-important job placement.

What Is Employability Exactly?

Employability can be wide ranging, and some of the required qualities may appear to be obvious or second nature to you already. However, never underestimate their importance in the eyes of prospective employers. Simple things like good timekeeping when attending interviews can mean the difference between being offered the role or heading back to searching for another job to apply for.

While there will undoubtedly be job specifics that you will need to demonstrate for the position you are going for, employability is a little broader and can include the following:


Being able to communicate properly – both verbally and in writing -  is an essential quality that most employers will be looking for in their workers. You can brush up your communication skills by enrolling in a college course or simply asking for help from family and friends. Demonstrating that you have the necessary communication skills on your application form and in your interview will be an important stepping stone towards getting back into full-time employment.

Being Adaptable

Flexibility is often a key requirement of many employers. Knowing that their employees can adapt to different situations gives them the peace of mind that they need, especially in roles where workers may need to pivot and change their working practices frequently.

Problem Solving

Having the ability to be able to recognise and solve problems is another attribute that will stand you in good stead when job hunting. Employers look favourably on those with a logical outlook on life, and analytical thinking can prove invaluable when applying for certain positions.

Caring For Others

Respecting the views and contributions that others make is something that most employers would like their staff to be able to demonstrate. Being able to show that you have others in mind will go a long way when interviewing, so having certification in things such as first aid can make a huge difference to how your application is viewed.

How Do You Go About Obtaining These And Other Skills?

There are many ways to get the necessary employability skills to give you the best chance of being hired next time you go for a job. Voluntary work can be a great way of learning hands-on safety skills, while college courses will give you more vocational qualifications that can lead to full-time work.

Similarly, professional safety training schemes can also be extremely helpful, especially if you are applying for specific roles. Training courses such as Health and Safety Awareness or an NVQ in Plant Operation will prove to your prospective employee that you are taking your application seriously and are willing to do everything that you can to get the job.

Being able to demonstrate willingness to learn is a huge plus point, so any safety training that you undertake should be looked upon as an investment in your own future rather than an immediate expense. Even small courses such as ladder safety or manual handling will show that you take your work life seriously and will be a valuable addition to any prospective employers’ business.

So, whether you decide to fill the time that you are in between jobs with voluntary work or opt for a professional training course, both will show that you are willing to work and have an aptitude for learning, essential in today’s crowded job market.

Glen Hughes is the director of Zero Harm Training, who provide safety & environmental training courses across the UK and internationally.

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Published 21st Mar 2016
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