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What is the work equivalent of Valentines' Day?

By PJ STEVENS Published 14th Feb 2014
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Valentines’ Day is about love, engagement, romance, relationships and celebrating your connection with special people.

So what’s the 'work place' equivalent? We know that such qualities as engagement, effective communication, trust and understanding are as vital to successful work relationships as they are at home. Could we have a version of Valentines’ Day where we celebrate work relationships and the value of engagement with staff and customers?

Relationships need work, or rather investment, and investing in key relationships at home, at work, at play, pays dividends. The cost of not investing, maintaining and nurturing relationships can prove to be incredibly high.

Valentines’ Day has been commercialised and in some people’s eyes is viewed with understandable cynicism as ‘just another marketing exercise’. However, it does remind us of the need to celebrate relationships and to acknowledge loved ones and those who we value, need and respect.

A successful journey through life involves overcoming the problems and challenges that it sometimes throws at us, learning, growing and moving on. It takes courage sometimes – and certainly commitment – to work through those problems.

According to a study by Towers Watson and The CIPD, engaged employees generate 43% more revenue than disengaged employees. Over 70% of engaged employees say they have a good understanding of how to meet a customers needs while only 17% of disengaged say the same. Do you celebrate your engagement with employees and customers?

It is often said that managers are better at recognising failure than success. Yet recognition of success is one of the key routes to increasing employee engagement.

The suggestion of having a Valentines' Day at work isn’t particularly serious, it wouldn't be an easy idea to propose while retaining any credibility. However, today’s date is an inspiration; a reminder that success needs to be celebrated. If you aren’t celebrating success and engaging with your key relationships – customers and employees – then you can guarantee that someone else certainly will!

‘’If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships - the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together, in the same world at peace.’’  Franklin D Roosevelt



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235 weeks ago, by Jackie
I took a box of chocolates to my favourite client one Valentine's Day, years ago. They are *still* a favourite client, although I'm not sure whether the chox had anything to do with it.
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