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Management competencies; how team building can benefit

By RICHARD WARD Published 9th Jan 2014
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Team building events are great fun but they can also carry business benefits in very specific areas. Skill areas can be defined as areas of competency and these can be broken up into different categories.

Intellectual Competencies

This includes such qualities as intelligence, analytical skills, judgement and decision making. While it would be a stretch to claim that team building events can increase intelligence they certainly give participants the opportunity to use their intelligence and develop their skills in such areas as problem solving and judgement.

Practical Competencies

This category is a natural area for team building to help individuals to develop their skills. It includes resourcefulness, planning ability and adaptablity. It is distinct from intellectual comptency because it is about practicality and the two do not always come together. When people form a team and bring intellectual and practical skills together you really do get to the core of what team work is about and why it is effective.

Interpersonal Competencies

Now we move on to how people relate with one another. This category includes interpersonal communication, negotiation and powers of persuasion. There are particular activities which focus on this area and it can be very valuable to allow a team to experience these activities if, for example, they are about to go through a period of change.

Management Competencies

These come with training and experience. Management competencies include selecting the right people (roles and responsibilities), goal setting and motivation. Team building tasks can simulate business tasks; there is a goal, there is equipment, tasks to be completed and the best people have to be allocated to their most appropriate role.

The practice of activities for work teams that are based around fun and exploring and developing some of these areas of competency is known as 'team building' but there is much more to it than that. All of these areas of individual and team development will benefit from well planned and executed activities, which are enjoyable at the same time. 

With a clear brief and a few key target areas to focus a day on you can come away from a day with some very powerful business benefits.

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