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Building trust with your delegates

By PJ STEVENS Published 6th Jan 2014
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Building trust with your delegates will significantly increase the effectiveness of your training and also improve any feedback that you receive. In an ideal situation you can build trust and rapport to such a degree that delegates ask for you as their trainer on future programmes.

Here is some advice that will help you to build trust:

1. Arrive at the training venue early and set up everything that you need so that you are ready to go. Be standing at the door when delegates arrive so you can welcome them into the room and help them to feel comfortable.

2. Learn how to remember people's names. There are various mnemonic techniques that can be used (check Youtube) but asking someone their name and repeating it back to them is effective and builds trust.

3. Share the content of the course and tell participants specifically how they will benefit from attending in terms that are relevant to them. Done well this creates buy-in from the outset.

4. Demonstrate respect by asking participants what they expect from the course and, importantly, what they don't want to happen. You can then cover any specific issues and put people at ease.

5. Reinforce the rules of Fight Club; 'what's said in this room stays in this room'. This is of critical importance if you want people to be honest.

6. Use names and be sincere from the outset to build trust and keep it going.

7. Finally, be appropriate. Generally being appropriate is a question of being on the level. Don't try to be too smart, too funny or too friendly. If one person seems to be a key influencer don't defer to them. Stay level and professional at all times.

Building trust is a very important subject and much has been written about it. The most powerful words on the subject are probably the truism; 'treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself'. When it's put so simply it makes a lot of sense.




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