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The odds and sods of being a trainer - some thoughts about unusual kit

By SIMON RAYBOULD Published 1st Oct 2013
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Okay, so there's lots of advice about the serious equipment you need to take with you (power cables because venues lie about where the sockets are; VGA cables because venues like about where they inputs are; gaffa tape because venues like about the blackout; etc.)... but what about the other stuff, the stuff you only ever learn by hard experience?

Things like these... add your own, please...

  • A spare shirt/tie - or at least a roll neck sweater for lunch, so that when you spill down yourself it's not the disaster it would have been otherwise.
  • Really (no, reeeeally) comfortable shoes, and padded socks, so that you're not crippled by the end of the day. After all, you're going to be up on your feet for seven hours at a time, sometimes.
  • Mars Bar (or similar). You never know when you need that quick boost.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste. You never know when you need to freshen up and, while nothing beats a good shower, sometimes you've got to make do with a freshen up! Fresh socks are a good tip, too. (Always a good idea to use think about this tip after the Mars Bar one! :) )
  • Needle and thread. Always. Because if you carry two shirts, it'll be your trousers you rip...

What do you think?  What other things are there not on the formal list of equipment included in the 'train the trainer' course you went to...? (And how many of these sound like they're borne of experience...!)

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250 weeks ago, by James
From my days in outdoor events black gaffer tape and cable ties. If it can't be fixed with either or both of those then it can't be fixed.

I'm with you on spare clothing and would add a can of deodorant to toothpaste. I've heard it called a 'shower in a can' and while it's not a complete substitute I know where that's coming from when you're spending the day on your feet in rooms where temperatures are often the wrong side of perfect.

Hotels and equipment. Oh, where to begin. Well, start with a spare set of coloured flip chart markers. The number of times I've started to write with some tried out husk that leaves an unreadable beige hieroglyph on the paper.

Finally a set of Boomwhackers for that impromptu half hour activity with a little substance. Look them up, get a set and you'll thank me for it.
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